The Time is Now For Accountability and Action, Not “Deceptive” Political Headlines…

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Sharing is Caring!

If you are unaware, Pearland, TX is in the midst of a runoff Mayoral election in June 2017. The Blue Ridge Landfill has been an issue for years now, but the incumbent mayor has issued a “call to action letter-writing campaign” to citizens asking them to waste their time (yet again) sending letters to a gutted and politically-appointed Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, which has shown for the last 8 years to be a wasted effort! The article is found in the accompanying link below.



How many letters have been written over the last EIGHT years over this? We are all aware by now that these politically-charged “headlines” are just that! We should be writing letters to Pearland City Council asking WHY they have not yet sued the landfill operators for Breach of Contract of the 2009 settlement agreement (signed by Mr. Coker and Mr. Eisen at the blessing of the Council)?

Is there something preventing the City of Pearland from this action? Is someone fearful that the city’s negligence (yes, I said NEGLIGENCE) in performing their end of the settlement agreement deal/promise to “monitor” landfill activities (to include compliance reporting) is what has led to all the current chaos anyway? An effective and efficient leader wouldn’t try to continue as if nothing has gone wrong on his/her watch, but would address issues as such and hope that the people are forgiving enough to count upon his transparency and dedication.

     Those who know better will vote to end this nightmare in June…even those in East Pearland who are concerned about the city’s budget and how the declining home values in SCR will affect the city’s tax revenue overall.

     I’m floored by the lack of research and consideration the current members of our city council has done. The fact that the interest level has been nil until a group of citizens has placed severe enough pressure on our council to take any action is appalling to say the least! As a concerned citizen (no longer a political candidate) I will definitely ensure EVERYONE in Pearland knows the significance of the landfill issue and it’s potential affect on the city’s future and on the homeowners in SCR. Pearland citizens deserve to know the danger our city’s economy faces due to political ignorance and purposeful deception by current leaders all the way up to the state level!!!

Sharing is Caring!