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As a candidate for TX CD-02, I know what it will take to win the district and flip TX CD-02 BLUE in 2018! I plan to knock on doors without regard to whether they were Democrats or Republicans, and listen to the concerns of the citizens.  I’ve heard the frustration in many of your voices as you’ve shared your thoughts on the direction it seems our country is headed, and I want to ensure you it will be better with new and different leadership. I have served my country honorably as a military officer for 24 years with a record of proven leadership, and I have never let those who have depended on me down. I’m a person who believes that all people are important and should be treated fairly and with respect. I am out in the community meeting you and learning how to better serve your concerns. I will be a good steward of support and donations I receive, and I will work very hard to make campaign finance laws fairer so any American who wants to serve can have a chance at it…without having to battle against the deep pockets of corporate special interests and their “purchased” candidates.

I will meet with leaders of many ethnic backgrounds who have been disenfranchised or uninterested in voting because they don’t believe their community is considered in overall decision making efforts. I will advocate for cultural and religious diversity awareness in order to re–energize and to re-connect citizens of minority ethnic groups with interest in the city’s political process.

Rather than hiding the issues, I will make a conscious effort to encourage social awareness of issues that could lead to aggressive social policies that reinforce our city’s commitment to diversity, inclusion, and unity for all citizens.


I will use my proven leadership experience and my genuine concern for the citizens of TX CD-02 to run a solid and strategic campaign. Strong work ethic and my ability to relay a factual message based on citizen interaction and issue awareness will earn the trust and confidence of citizens that I would be the best candidate to represent their needs. Citizens will recognize I am more than lip service in terms of my interests to ensure good jobs, healthcare, education, public policy, and protection of the environment. I am convinced that with time to meet citizens, resources to support my efforts, and a carefully chosen team of professionals to assist me, I can be successful in my attempt to unseat a congressional incumbent who has shown the majority of his district that he does not represent their interests, regardless of party affiliation.

I plan to run a grassroots funded campaign. I  believe money from Super Political Action Committees place candidates in a predicament where promises to those Super PACs have to be kept as a priority over constituents’ needs. Ideally, a recurring monthly donation of 36 dollars from 1000 donors throughout the term of the campaign would be sufficient to fund my campaign against the heavily supported special interests-led campaign of my potential opponent. Federal campaign guidelines limit personal donations to $1200.00 per person. Donations of any amount will help fund my efforts to provide research on issues, and benefit the cause that we are all fighting for — that YOUR voice should be heard with my representation!

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How will your donations be used? 

  • To help fund the the overall campaign filing requirements
  • To help with purchasing marketing materials
  • To help with  fundraising events
  • To help fund basic expenses such as labor costs for volunteers


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J Darnell Jones

Sharing is Caring!